Baby Elephant Walk PDF

You may make as many baby Elephant Walk PDF these little crochet elephants as you like, both for personal use and for small-scale sale. You may in no way reproduce or copy the actual pattern!

DHP 1145525-070 / Quatuor de Saxophones / SET / Henry Mancini fait partie des figures incontournables des compositeurs de musiques de film. Ses quarante ans de carrière furent couronnés de succès. Récompensées par quatre Oscars, les mélodies d´Henry Mancini sont intemporelles. Entrez dans la magied´Hollywood avec l´arrangement de Baby Elephant Walk (extrait du film Hatari!) .

Meimei has movable limbs, so she can stand and sit with ease. Difficulty This pattern is suitable for Advanced Beginners. Short rows are used for shaping, however, don’t be daunted, the pattern contains tons of photos and you can also have a look at this tutorial I did about short rows. The pattern includes an optional rug that you can sew onto her back. The rug is tiny, but uses more complex stitches. I thought it would be the perfect chance for you to get rid of those crochet cobwebs. It’s not going to make her all wonky, just smaller.

Repeat all instructions between asterisks the amount of times specified. 2 will mean sc inc, sc in the next 3 st’s, sc inc, sc in the next 3 st’s. Please note:  you will only use the crab stitch and the waistcoat stitch for the optional rug, so don’t be too stressed about them right now. CC:  Sc inc in each st. 4 x sc in the third st. Skip 1 st and sl st into the next st. Bind off and work away your tails of yarn.

Changing Colours There are plenty of ways to change colours. My favourite method is to change colours on the last yarn over of the last st on the row before the colour change. Yarn over and pull through both loops on hook. Ch 1 and turn as normal. Work the next row in CC and repeat the procedure for the last st of the round. I tend to carry the colour I am not using instead of joining it for every second row.