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Egyptian-French Marxian economist and political scientist. He is noted for his introduction of the term Eurocentrism in 1988. French high school, leaving in 1947 with a Baccalauréat. Enjeux du matérialisme PDF Marxism and associated himself for some time with Maoist circles.

With other students he published a magazine entitled Étudiants Anticolonialistes. After finishing his thesis, Amin went back to Cairo, where he worked from 1957 to 1960 as a research officer for the government’s « Institution for Economic Management ». Yes, I do want to see the construction of a multipolar world, and that obviously means the defeat of Washington’s hegemonic project for military control of the planet. United States ven the United State pales beside their traditional capacities in the military arena. European project’ is not going in the direction that is needed to bring Washington to its senses. Russia, China, India and the rest of Asia and Africa.

According to Samir Amin, Islam leads its struggle on the terrain of culture, wherein « culture » is intended as « belongingness to one religion ». Islamist militants are not actually interested in the discussion of dogmas which form religion, but on the contrary are concerned about the ritual assertion of membership in the community. This importance attributed to culture allows political Islam to obscure from every sphere of life the realistic social dichotomy between the working classes and the global capitalist system which oppresses and exploits them. The militants of political Islam are only present in areas of conflict in order to furnish people with education and health care, through schools and health clinics. However, these are nothing more than works of charity and means of indoctrination, insofar as they are not means of support for the working class struggle against the system which is responsible for its misery. Islam even defends the sacred character of property and legimitises inequality and all the prerequisites of capitalist reproduction. One example is the Muslim Brotherhood’s support in the Egyptian parliament for conservative and reactionary laws which empowers the rights of property owners, to the detriment of the small peasantry.