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Il y a 561 documents dans notre base de données! Contribution à l’étude de la résistance naturelle de la fève Vicia faba L. 2019 Mémoire Online All Rights Reserved. Belgian-mémoires PDF French writer Marguerite Yourcenar about the life and death of Roman Emperor Hadrian.

The emperor meditates on military triumphs, love of poetry and music, philosophy, and his passion for his lover Antinous, all in a manner similar to Gustave Flaubert’s « melancholy of the antique world. Yourcenar noted in her postscript « Carnet de note » to the original edition, quoting Flaubert, that she had chosen Hadrian as the subject of the novel in part because he had lived at a time when the Roman gods were no longer believed in, but Christianity was not yet established. This intrigued her for what she saw as parallels to her own post-war European world. Yourcenar first thought of the idea for the book between 1924 and 1929.

She then worked on various drafts intermittently between 1934 and 1937. The notion of writing the book from the point of view of a dying Hadrian occurred to her after reading a sentence in a draft from 1937 stating: « I begin to discern the profile of my death. She did not resume work on the book in earnest until December 1948. She states that while she based her account of Hadrian on the two most principal sources, Historia Augusta and Cassius Dio’s Historia Romana, her goal was to reinterpret the past but also strive for historical authenticity.