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American political commentator, columnist, and author. In 2008 Salam co-authored Grand New Party: How Republicans Can Win the Working Class and Save the American Dream with Ross Douthat. The book salam PDF from a cover story for The Weekly Standard, which called for a reinvention of Republican domestic policy.

Au début du siècle, Marie et John Kay embarquent à bord de l’Africa, pour une mission de plusieurs mois au Sahara occidental. Au large des côtes africaines, John est assassiné, Marie, enlevée, vendue puis cloîtrée dans le harem d’une casbah du Grand Sud marocain. Tout en essayant de surmonter cette épreuve, Marie se met à tenir un journal intime. Peu à peu, son intérêt s’éveille pour la personnalité du maître des lieux : Salam, un guerrier craint et respecté de tous, un caïd plutôt fantomatique dont on parle mais que l’on voit rarement. Quel mystère entoure Salam ? Détient-il un secret ? Marie ne vit plus que pour le découvrir…Des années plus tard, le petit-fils de Marie, un milliardaire américain, s’interroge à son tour. Il confie les notes de la captive à un écrivain qu’il charge d’établir la vérité, d’écrire le roman de Marie…

Salam and Douthat argued that the Republican party had lost touch with its own base and that its Bush-era, big-government policies were « an evolutionary dead end. They instead advocated « tak the ‘big-government conservatism’ vision » of Bush and giving it « coherence and sustainability » by vigorously serving the interests of the less affluent voters, who had become the party’s base. Salam has been described as « Literary Brooklyn’s Favorite Conservative. He has written that he intends to « pump ideas into the bloodstream of American conservatism.

I write in the hope and expectation that people read people with whom they disagree to challenge their settled views. Suffice it to say, this isn’t generally the case, but I’m happy to continue behaving as though it is, as it is true of enough people to justify the effort. He strongly supported the Iraq War but has since called it a disaster of « world-historical proportions. He claims to advocate policies that strengthen traditional family structure and has supported gay marriage. Salam has taken a strong interest in congestion pricing and the encouragement of denser living arrangements, the promotion of natural gas and nuclear power, reform of the US tax code, and the fostering of a more competitive and diverse marketplace of educational providers. He has called for reducing immigration levels to encourage assimilation and integration. In the wake of the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Salam argued that white flight and unsustainable urban sprawl had contributed to high poverty levels.

Drawing on the San Francisco Bay Area as an example, he has identified restrictive zoning policies as an important barrier to upward mobility in the US. He has defended work requirements for welfare recipients in New York City and elsewhere. In May 2014, he suggested that while the War on Drugs had failed, the time had come for governments to curb alcohol consumption by higher alcohol taxes. In April 2014, he suggested that nonparents to be taxed more and parents taxed less so that the parenting burden would be shared by society. Ana Marie Cox and Reihan Salam ».

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