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Enter the characters the Midnight Library PDF see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Four past Midnight is a collection of novellas by Stephen King.

Des chats aux yeux humains, des expériences dangereuses, une famille coincée dans les années cinquante : voici trois nouvelles histoires dont les héros bravent les interdits et relèvent des défis qui les mènent à leur perte. Sensations fortes garanties !

Les chats : Chloé a parié avec ses nouvelles amis qu’elle jetterait des cailloux sur les chats de Mrs Tibbalt, Sa pierre atteint l’un d’entre eux d’un coup mortel. Chloé s’aperçoit alors que ce chat a des yeux… humains !

Qui ose gagne : Mark et David, deux meilleurs copains, font la connaissance de Chrissie, qui les entraîne dans des défis chaque fois plus fous, chaque fois plus dangereux, pour affronter leurs pires angoisses…

Ne réveille pas le bébé : Alice fait son premier baby-sitting chez les Wilkins, un couple très étrange. Leur apparence et leur maison sont restés ancrés dans la mode des années 50, et Mrs Wilkins refuse qu’Alice monte à l’étage où repose le bébé…

It is his second book of this type, the first one being Different Seasons. This article is about the novel. On a cross-country red-eye flight from Los Angeles to Boston, ten passengers awaken to find that the crew and most of their fellow passengers have disappeared, leaving the airliner under the control of the autopilot. Upon arrival, they find the airport abandoned with no signs of life. Hearing an approaching sound like radio static, the group agrees to leave before it arrives. Based on the belief that they have flown through a « time rip » into the past and that flying back into the rip will return them to their own time, the passengers work together to refuel the plane as the noise gets louder.

While the plane is in its final preparations to depart Bangor, Dinah telepathically communicates with Craig and persuades him that an important board meeting is being held on the runway. Craig hallucinates arriving at the meeting and even confronts his fear of disappointing his father. Then hundreds of monsters arrive, floating spheres with chainsaw-like teeth, which leave trails of black nothingness in their wake. Bob proposes the idea that the Langoliers’ purpose is to clean up what’s left of the past by eating it. Dinah succumbs to her injuries and the other characters realise that the trip through the rip has allowed them to come to terms with their regrets.

Because they need to be asleep to survive the rip again, another passenger, Nick Hopewell, volunteers to fly the plane through, knowing that this will cost him his life. The survivors awaken, unharmed except for nosebleeds caused by the drop in air pressure. The plane lands in a deserted Los Angeles. Concluding that now the time rift has brought them a short distance into the future, the group takes shelter against a wall to avoid the airport’s human traffic. A flash hits them and they find themselves in the present again. The Langoliers was adapted for a two-part TV movie in 1995. Secret Window, Secret Garden is similar to King’s earlier novel The Dark Half.

Mort Rainey is a successful novelist in Maine. One day, he is confronted by a man from Mississippi named John Shooter who claims Mort plagiarized a story he wrote. Mort vehemently denies ever plagiarizing anything. Shooter leaves, but not before leaving his manuscript, « Secret Window, Secret Garden ». Shooter returns a few days later. Having learned that « Sowing Season » was published two years before Shooter claimed to have written « Secret Window, Secret Garden », Mort confronts Shooter with this information. An enraged Shooter accuses Mort of lying and demands proof, giving Mort three days to show him his published story.